Life Wings (c) copyright 1980

This poem was first written in 1980 for the birthday of a relative. Today I am posting it here for another,  a lovely “cousin woman friend” to wish her a speedy recovery from a recent surgery.  Hope to see your beautiful smiling face soon, sweetheart!

Blossom photo compliments of Jim Miller (c) copyright 2011

Butterflies precious, pretty
and free
Glide into my life
to share theirs with me.
Some whisper empty
words endlessly,
While others, like you
With their eyes
Speak to me.
On your wings
I discovered
There was much to be known
From what we uncovered
Of the places you’d flown.
Life is but a moment
Prolonged in the wind,
A temporary gift
destined to end –
What matters more
Is how this gift is spent
And you, butterfly,
Possess the best of intent.
For when you aren’t fluttering
what you pause to share
Brings to us sunbeams endless
Your love is everywhere.
(c) 1980
Get well soon, sending lots of love and healing thoughts your way, Beautiful!

Love and peace to you... your thoughts are always welcome here...

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