"Whatever you label it, no matter how great your time away has been, going home is always a pleasure. Having a home to return to, however humble it may be, is an absolute treasure. Looking forward to touching base with my own Green Green Grass of Home"

“Nostomania” is the original title I chose for this piece but the current title just flew into my thoughts because I could hear my father’s voice and guitar delivering it to me so audibly, it seemed right to just leave it right where it is.

Written by Claude “Curly” Putman and made famous by many before my father’s rendition, including Porter Wagoner, Hank Snow and Johnny Cash, the song “Green, Green Grass of Home” always emotes from me. The term Nostomania rings so clinically, it can often cure me promptly of my homesickness simply out of fear of a doctor’s visit  for some yet unidentified ailment hahaha.

Here is the definition of Nostomania for those who may not already know it:

Nostomania (nost-o-may-nee-uh) (Noun):
An overwhelming desire to return home or to go back to familiar places.

‘Tis a funny thing, for me,  these visits away from home.

I’ve been away for only about 10 days now and am already finding myself feeling wistful about leaving my friends for a time, knowing I won’t see most of them anytime soon because of geography, our schedules and personal life commitments.

The visiting and outings have been so much fun, so entertaining, poignant, memorable and loving. Yet, I am overcome with a need to get home soon where familiar fragrances and the comforts of my own things surround me.  Where I can resume my daily routines and savor the sanctuary of my own physical space.

The funny thing is, once I am home, it likely won’t be long before I am thinking I need to get away… haha…ah well, that’s human for you.  Abraham Maslow said it best, “Man is a perpetually wanting animal.” Right now this animal is wanting to return to the mostly cotton-lined nest of her cozy home.

While I do believe home to be a place within us, that no dwelling is truly a home unless we make it so, it is comforting to have a “physical base.” Somewhere to live daily life from that beckons our senses in those final moments of a visit away where we are at once yearning to stay just a little bit longer and be homeward bound as soon as possible.

So rich are we who have the option of returning home. Sending positive thoughts and energies to all those who currently have none, that they may soon enjoy their own Green Green Grass of Home.

Hope this finds you enjoying yours this Sunday.

(c) May 29 2011


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