Red Moon

moon cropped

killed him in his dreams

what could you expect from her

under a blood moon

(C) Janni Styles

12 thoughts on “Red Moon

  1. The two stood over the body.
    The younger, a rookie detective, ” what would have caused her to do him so dead?”
    Still pitch black, the days’ heat held on to the throat of night and would not let go. The old detective wiped his brow with his shirt sleeve, then rocked his head back and forth cracking the knots in his neck. He blamed the grinding popping on the tonic in his veins. He ending the exercise staring at the moon. A minute later, his gaze returned to the body at their feet.
    With his marbled, garbled Tom Waits voice, ” blame it on the moon, they all blame it on the moon”.

    I know I do. Good shtuffs. It was hard to let go of, as you can see.

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    • Wow! Calvin, your prose dropped here far outshines my wee poem. Flash Fiction of the highest order. So good! As usual. Thank you for your kind compliments, glad my words moved you to write this.


  2. Rather sinister! Did it feel good to write? πŸ˜‰

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