20 thoughts on “Human Element Series: Charm Unplugged”

      1. I hope so too, Olga. I once asked my mom if there was anything she liked about growing old. She immediately replied,”You worry less.” She was right about that. And you are too, with passing time, we do gain wisdom. Well, most of us do lol

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      2. We are close in age. I’m 61 and heading towards showing more love for my inner child and her joy of creative expression. She is wonderful and very wise. I wrote a short story about her about a year ago and the journey started. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Many blessings!

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      3. Aw, you are lovely! Would love to read that story sometime. Perhaps you could post a link here. If you have published it and don’t mind, of course. Merry Christmas to you and your family, too, Olga 😊

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      4. It’s not connected to WP. No link.I might post it someday. It was one those cathartic, can I really write like I thought I might, kind of things. Thanks for asking!

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