Things Writers Are Not Supposed To Do

As writers we are not supposed to give our books away free. As one who does not have the good health or stamina to learn how to market books, I have no choice. I would rather something I wrote reached one human heart than delay publishing because of the monumental task of marketing. I see people marketing marketing marketing and get very tired of seeing it over and over and over so I am aware that marketing can also annoy others and I try not to do it on my private pages anywhere.

As writers we are not supposed to change the covers of our books. Too late. When I first released my collection of short stories I was in a very bad head space suffering from full blown PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) the result of my ex and a former “bestie” physically assaulting me and then lying to the police about it so that police dropped the charges despite my physical health issues for over a year following that assault. (Still can’t get over that she had martial arts and kicking is lethal force (she could have burst my bladder and killed me on the spot), she committed Assault Causing Bodily Harm and yet charges were dropped entirely because of their lying collusion.) Anyway, my PTSD is still there, as you can read, I can still be easily triggered but my thoughts about why I originally chose a pink cover for my book have changed. At that time in my life I was choosing everything pink from bedding to book covers because pink was safe and warm and comforting to me. When I looked at that pink cover recently I realized I can do better now and have a more universally appealing cover (I hope 🙂 ).

As writers we are not supposed to change the titles of our books. I get that and wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think it necessary. The title of my “pink” covered book was taken from one of the short stories inside the book. For some reason I never liked it as well as I should have. Every time I saw the title “One Part Good” I thought people likely assumed I was referring to myself. I was not. I was referring to that human part of us, that one little bastion of goodness within no matter how much of a nasty beast we have been to others. It has been my years long and sorrowful conclusion to find that not all humans even have ‘one part good’ inside them. Some kill others or bear grudges so long they would rather nurse their anger to their death bed than step up to what it is to be a kind, compassionate human being.  So my title has been changed which you will see from the following link. Enjoy your day and thank you for reading my pages. You are very much appreciated by me.

Welcome to my free ebook “One More Chance” – hope you enjoy 🙂




10 thoughts on “Things Writers Are Not Supposed To Do

  1. All physical sales of my book, “Lost in the Labyrinth of My Mind” have been through chatting to friends, acquaintences and strangers I have fallen into conversation with. The print edition is for sale from the publisher and Amazon but no sales have, thus far come from either source (although I have sold the ebook on Amazon). I, like you do give away copies of my book, however I do so sparingly. I have donated to several libraries and close family and friends but generally sell rather than give-away. Best wishes. Kevin

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    • Hi Kevin, thanks for adding your experience here. I appreciate this very much. It sort of confirms my belief that marketing is not very useful. I think the internet is just so saturated, there is so much competition and few ways to get our works in the eyes of the big wigs in the book world. Even my friends who do sell tell me they don’t sell more than 10 to 15 books per year which is sad given the brilliance of their writing. I am starting to think that the old fashioned way of holding book signings in local book stores, libraries and meet the author coffee house events are the way to go. Perhaps there is a better chance of selling our books that way or even just increase the reader numbers of our free ebooks. There is also the matter of sites not paying writers anything until their profits reach a certain number which is never likely to happen for at least a decade at the current rate of sales most experience. Largely an unfair and slanted to the “big house” profiting instead of the one who has done the years of blood letting and sweating over their book(s). I never pocketed one thin dime though my sales were few, they weren’t enough for them to cut me a cheque. This means that so far I have “0” dollars for writing my books. I like that you are still selling rather than giving away. Wishing you every good thing with that, thanks again for sharing and should you find any sure fire successful way to sell books, please share with us. Kindest Regards 🙂

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  2. It is a brutal, oversaturated market. If you don’t shout you won’t be heard but if you do…yeah, you can pee folks off. I think it’s about building a readership one book at a time. Daunting but… Marketing is hard without big bucks. You see those success stories and then …THEN you just happen to read read how they spent like 50 thou + dollars on ads. Excuse me? (Mind you I would love to know how many folks have done a similar thing and it has not resulted in huge sales.) The thing is to keep going, do it your way.

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    • Thanks kindly for your wise feedback. One book at a time, one reader at a time is a very heartening perspective. I know of some who have spent big bucks on cover art, editors and advertising and they are not, as of this moment, big sellers at all. Most have other/day jobs or the would never survive at all. Once in a while I try to do self promotion but find whenever I do it, my views, visits and comments dry up. There is a lot of writer eat writer attitude out there, too. Many writers don’t want to help you because, I believe, they have a scarcity attitude where giving what they want is verboten and yet giving and showing support on the internet (the most public place in the world) has garnered me many followers, subscribers and readers. Some still haven’t figured that one out, too busy being jealous or miserly I suppose. Which leads my lengthy reply to closure on a quote I wrote, “What goes out returns, remember to be kind to yourself.”

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      • I abso believe in being kind to yourself in this writing world. I have been fortunate to build a nice group of writers around me who are supportive. If you can’t help one another then forget it. I think it is very important to do that. There’s room for us all out there. We all write different things. We all write differently within shared genres. Self promo is hard. If you would like to come by my blog I would love to host you. I’ve had poets before there. Re spending money on covers etc, I am lucky enough to be with publishers who do all that but I see some writers there in my publishers throwing all they earn at promo. Every time you turn round they are giving away gift cards and kindles and you name it. I don’t have that kind of money so I stay clear of that kind of promo . I have to say I have also seen them saying they are spending all their wages on it and not getting the sales. One or two have made it big that way but not many. I think the success of books like 50 shades has made people think it is easy to do that. But let’s not kid that was just an overnight thing that just happened . She was throwing stuff at that. Publishing is in amess right now if you want my two bit’s worth. We just have to keep finding a place in the falling sky. x

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  3. I don’t agree with those “rules.” I’ve given away books for free in the past and gained some lovely reviews as a result. I’ve also changed a book cover in the past – more than once. I know authors who have had great success by changing the title and book cover. Do what you feel is right. It’s YOUR book, so whatever decision you make is the right one.

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    • Thank you for your steadfast support and your vote of confidence, Tricia. You are so right that we must do what is right for us. Reminds me of a creative writing program instructor who said “Learn the rules, know the rules, break the rules.” As with good writing that can get away with anything if the talent is there, I think we do have to follow our hearts on some things. Now thinking I may change things even more lol

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  4. This is a great post, Janni. We writers (creative souls) are urged to be business people. The measure of our creative success hinges on our business success. That makes no sense. I suppose we should be creatively satisfied knowing we wrote our stories and put them out there. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if that other part of the artistic journey (having our message touch other people’s lives and being able to afford to continue to be creative without worrying about how best to feed oneself next week or pay the bills this month–which kind of impedes most muses).

    I love to write, but I’m quite disillusioned by the publishing industry–even self-publishing. Your post just brought back all these feelings about whether I should give it another go. And that’s why it’s such a great post! 🙂

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