Moon Blossoms

at moonlight’s bidding

romance blooms thieves in the night

cooled ashes by morn

(c) Janni Styles


17 thoughts on “Moon Blossoms

  1. Lovely!

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  2. Wonderfully expressive words … 😎

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  3. No body(s) of evidence. No heart held for ransom. Only ash, huh. Hmmm.

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    • Well, metaphorically anyway, but you never know…lol My adopted dad always says we never know who we are next to out there, we could be sitting next to a murderer and never even know it.


      • Even read their Haiku.Or, vise versa.

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      • That, too. We never know. I learned the hard way. Was married to my ex for over two decades before he made some hair raising and illegal confessions about himself. Then on the heels of me leaving him, a twenty year friend also proves false, siphoning off me to pursue him even though she knows everything including his multiple addictions. They break up as much as they are together and a friend tells me that, according to Dr.Phil, relationships founded on deceit have a 2% chance of making it. Sounds about right to me. Duped twice I was but the guards are up at the gates to my friendship now lol


      • Am sure there is a fat Buddha quote, if not several, out there for exactly this.

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      • Probably many, lol 😊


      • This fat Buddha would say to the 2%, “HELLO, didn’t you see the movie Fatal Attraction”.

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      • Lol. And in another of life’s coincidences where there are no coincidences, I always say if I ever get strong enough to write (and relive) my story, it will out sell Fatal Attraction. Thinking sooner would be better than later. If this keeps up, we won’t need this mode of messaging. We can just send smoke signals lol πŸ˜‰


  4. The evening brings romance ❀ Lovely, Janni

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