The Breezes



14 thoughts on “The Breezes

  1. The is the breeze, the wind passing through. You captured it, at least an element of its many faces. From 100 piece orchestras to a single flutist. This ‘child of the wind’ (my adopted theme song from a title of a Bruce Cockburn song) can so relate to this. I watch the wind often. Wait, you can’t see the wind. But you can obviously and so do many of us, The ripples on a pond. In the gyrating beach grass as it dances and sways its hips to an unwritten song. Today was ridiculous breezy; to the point the top of 100 year old maples whipped about like a Pentecostal Preacher wailing and waving during a Sunday morning sermon.

    And here, this a good breeze song which seems apt.

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    • Always glad to read your poetic comments, Calvin. It’s always like reading a whole new creation of yours and I guess it really is. My soul was longing for something tonight and the song you shared had me reliving every campfire, starry sky and breeze I have ever experienced. I will likely develop an ear worm that will hound me for days now. But I like it lol. Thank you, have a wonderful night.

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  2. Love the breezes and all you have done with it. So simple and so effective. x

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  3. There’s a lilt to this.

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