I could see Mercy was all about herself.  She’s changed people said. She’s not like that any more. Give her the benefit of the doubt. She was gone by morning. So was he. And just like that, I had no husband, no friend and no one to blame but myself.

(c) Janni Styles

(inspired by the fifty word story challenge)


15 thoughts on “Mercy

  1. I’ve learned the difficult lesson to trust my instinct and intuition. Giving “them” a chance never works for anyone but “them”.
    Then again it is good to put out the trash, even if someone does it for you. Remember always you are spectacular and touch many souls.
    Hugs, Yotaki Beautywalk

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    • Hi, beautiful Yotaki! I have been very strongly thinking of you for many days now. I hope everything is going well in your world. Thanks kindly for dropping by to read my wee story. I love your feedback and always look forward to everything you have to say. We are connected by the stars forever, my dear soul sister. Love and hugs to you always ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. A perfect nutshell tale. Poignantly ironic that the person’s name is ‘Mercy’.

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  3. You captured so much in so few words.

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  4. Maybe you just needed to spit this out girl. s your pal ses, it is good to put out the trash and despite all the pain you know something, in a way she di you a favour. Yep. Cos you got rid of that trash out of your life. No matter how it hurt. Someone who was just not worth YOU was gone xxxxxx

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  5. On the surface. Feels like anger. Tastes like reticent. But deep down, this reads as indelible ink which stains for a life time.

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  6. ping, ping, ping, ping

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