Tonight I made a Cup of Tea

Tonight I made a cup of tea

Then called someone dear to me

The time passed swiftly, I listened close

A gentle ear was what she needed most

Life grabs us by the throat with incredible hold

Sometimes listening cures as words are told

The tea grew so cold, no rescue for that cup

But I’m glad my two ears lifted someone up

Tomorrow night I might make another cup of tea

And then make another call to another dear to me

(c) Janni Styles


8 thoughts on “Tonight I made a Cup of Tea

  1. Perhaps one day we can share a cuppa
    Yotaki Beautywalk

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  2. artseafartsea

    Beautiful poem Janni. 🙂

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  3. Such a sweet friend you are Janni xxxx

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  4. Beautiful and a gentle reminder to us all. THANX. ~~dru~~

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