Meet Margaret R Blake Author of The Healing


Hello, everyone, please welcome Margaret R Blake a dear writer friend who has just published a new book called “The Healing.” I know you are very busy, Margaret, so let’s get right into it. Please tell us how long you have been writing and what inspires you? 

I have been writing for about twenty-five years now. It started with a personal challenge after reading a particularly dreadful book. My inspiration comes from places when I least expect it. A simple saying, or a picture I see online may do the trick, or even a reaction to something another person says to me might trigger an idea.

I think we’ve all read a dreadful book or two, I have even written a couple haha. What inspired you to write ‘The Healing?’

Women have had a hard time of it throughout history, and it continues still in this modern age. I got the idea to write three books – one past, one present and a speculative story to represent the future – after my daughter lost her baby boy, Logan. ‘The Healing’ covers the ongoing problem of rape. While it does not address the issue from the perpetrator’s point of view, it offers a form of healing for the woman – or man – who is on the receiving end of the abuse. The second book, ‘365 Moments of Joy’ addresses the trauma of losing a child, and I am working on this now.

So sorry for your family’s loss of baby Logan. There is no way to recover from such sorrow, we just learn to go on, I find. I admire you inner strength and ability to turn real world strife and struggle into a helpful, healing read for others. Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

In ‘The Healing’ I love my wizard, Voltare. He is a wise old soul who is not lacking in a sense of humour. And, he knows his stuff. In my Merlin’s School series, I love my headmaster, Professor Myer Mendholsonn. While he places a small role, he’s droll and very proper. I have heard it said that he manipulates the children of the school … but does he?

Haha, I guess readers will have to find the answer to that one for themselves. What do you hope your readers get from reading your latest book, ‘The Healing’?

I hope they can learn a little about themselves and their place in the world. Also, maybe in a time of need the wisdom might help to provide some solace.

Sounds lovely, I am sure they will. It is said that literature and psychology are close mates and many fine, comforting works out there certainly prove that out. When not writing, what might we find you doing?

I’ve always been a busy person and I like to try my hand at all sorts of things. I have settled, however, for needlework, cross-stitch, reading and quilting while playing on my ‘magic’ sewing machine.

I love seeing your creations, they are reminiscent of many of the fine stitched works my mother created. It’s all an art form unto itself, really. Which writers inspire you?

Ages ago I would have said Stephen King, Tolkein, Enid Blyton, Kenneth Grahame and Anna Sewell, but these days I get fired up just by an idea.

Getting fired up by an idea is the best for a writer, so glad your internal spark is working well for you. What is the most difficult and the easiest thing about writing, itself?

The most difficult thing is keeping the interest there. I would so love to write crime thrillers, but I think I’d lose the plot … literally. The easiest is the editing. I love this job, so much so that I gained my certificate IV in editing and proofreading – only for my own benefit though.

Good for your on increasing your professional skills. Perhaps I can engage you as a proof reader at some point, I am terrible at it, I miss the obvious, haha. What do you like most and also least about being a writer?

I like designing my own covers the most. It’s the first thing I do. As for the least thing I like … I’m slow … so it takes me forever to get what’s in my head onto paper. I wish I could knock out a book quicker.

That is all so relatable. I think we all wish we could knock a book out quicker haha. Marketing is also a challenge for many of us in this digital age where, I believe, so much more is expected of authors than at any other time in history. What do you think of “trailers” for books?

I love a well-prepared trailer. I will watch them/ or read them to the end.

Me too, nothing like a well prepared introduction to a book, movie or event. Where can readers find your books and connect with you?

The links to all my work can be found on my web page in Margaret’s Bookshop.

As for a trailer … I tried my hand at making a video

My Facebook page is

Thank you, Janni for this opportunity 😊

You are welcome, Margaret, it is a pleasure to know you and host your appearance on my blog, thank you and happy writing.

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