The Bike Series: Contrails

these remnants of you

caught in the


of my


keep me riding


on smooth roads

marring the trail

I was meant

to blaze alone

halting my progress

back to me

new tyres today

now wheel me


away from your

crooked trails

of lightning rod angers

lies and deceit

I travel these old roads

trails and streets


my soul

my own

finally complete

you a distant memory

I no longer


(c) Janni Styles

6 thoughts on “The Bike Series: Contrails

  1. I
    your bike


    • Thanks, Marie, glad you do for it will likely ynever end. Human relationships (and I do not mean just romantic) have long fascinated me, left “con trails” in my mind I’ve yet to write out.


  2. I love this–the descriptions of the trails are so apt.

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  3. I love this Janni, the haunting images of the first section followed by the sheer joy of the second.

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