Happy Long Labour Day Weekend Everyone!

Happy long labour day weekend everyone! Special thanks to CJPeterson who is featuring her interview with me on her author interviews page as of today! Hope you enjoy reading it, I think she did a beautiful job of making me look so good ❤️❤️❤️


Author Interview with Janni Styles



50 Word Stories

Some of you may have read some of these previously so I hope you will enjoy a second read. These little stories test me so 😉 And I apologize for the formatting, I just cannot figure out how to fix it.

  • Wooden clothes pegs in mouth, cold-reddened hands pinning laundry on the line. A meagre sun seeps between frustrated clouds.  She carries the stiffened clothing gloveless, her tiny frost-bitten feet shoeing deep Ontario snow back into the house, the incisive eye of one lonesome bird on a wire her undoing.
  • Don’t eat that, Joe said.  Danny swiped melon juice off his chin with one sleeve. Do you know humans eat two pounds of dirt before they die? Joe glanced from Danny to the watermelon, flicked off the ants and bit in.
  •  People race to safety of churches on hills. All I can do is say there is nothing we can do but wait. They look for comfort and direction when I have none myself. I reassure them all will be well. But I’m not really sure.|


  • I MOVE ON   
  • Trust me, I know how to navigate troops through broken eggshells. I move on tenterhooks slightly suspended over the realities until the penny drops. I can move on a dime if I have to. Address unknown.


  • WAKE UP   
  • My older brother’s eyes were wide open and my little brother watched us both as I wiped the warm blood from my upper lip with the hem of my white T-shirt. Wake up, I said again. What the hell is going on, he demanded, finally. He always woke up swinging.



Blindsided by lob:  20+ year close friend chasing my separated ex while feigning friendship for months, siphoning off me like thief to gas, bolstering her position. Ball hit me so hard, I need a match.|

  • GOLD 
  •  Your smile shivered me above all the rest.  At last. I found a genuine, soulful man who wanted only a genuine soulful woman. Then I saw you in my car with her and knew it was not the gold in you but the cold.


  •  You asked if I was certain, I asked you the same. You said yes and put the gun to your head. With your life in pieces around me, all I wanted to scream was I lied, I wasn’t certain, please come back to me.


  •  I forgive you before you even call. Every single time. It doesn’t matter why you stopped talking to me again, deleted me from your Facebook. It doesn’t matter what you do or say. I love you. You are my sister.


  • I HOPE 
  • The pillow was dented where her head should be. Teddy was gone, too. The front door was wide open, rain pelting in. I hope, oh, three years of this – I don’t know what I hope. There Mother was, fast asleep cuddling bear, the porch swing stilled by their weight.




Look who is on Authors Interviews

Thank you to Fiona McVie! Fiona is a shining star who features authors on her web pages and today is my lucky day! Hope you enjoy the read, you might like to check out other authors while you are there or apply to Fiona for your own author interview:



Interview with JT (Janni) Styles


I could see Mercy was all about herself.  She’s changed people said. She’s not like that any more. Give her the benefit of the doubt. She was gone by morning. So was he. And just like that, I had no husband, no friend and no one to blame but myself.

(c) Janni Styles


(inspired by the fifty word story challenge)


Photo compliments of Jim Miller

Even to think or utter the word “silence,” I find myself stilled, pastoral scenes of monastic or convent retreat settings where silence is the norm fill my mind screen.  This is swiftly followed by visions of natural settings where no voices, no sirens, cars or daily noises that eventually become “white” background sounds, pierce the peacefulness of nature.

Human abilities to tune out daily background sounds is quite phenomenal. We once lived near the YVR flight path. Our guests, yelling simply to try to converse when aircraft flew over,  would ask: “How can you stand that?”

We never even noticed it anymore. Adaptable humans that we are, we had very efficiently acclimatized to our environmental white noise. It simply never registered cerebrally that we rarely experienced true silence anymore. Looking back, we went camping more frequently in the years we resided there than in any other period in our lives. Perhaps our need for silence was balanced out without us even consciously aware of what we were doing to restore it.

As communication, I have found silence to be very effective. Sometimes it really is the only answer. For nothing you might say would be right no matter how good, well intended or truly fair or respectful what you say is. Silence is a healthy option for all concerned. It permits a cooling off, a regathering of thoughts and ideas. No situation is ever as black and white as we might imagine. Silence, then, can be the grace period where quiet contemplation of the situation in its entirety serves to expand our personal vision and awareness.

A friend who counsels in senior high school tells me she uses silence as a means of communication in  a way I have, personally, found to be quite powerful. It works, at least for me. Sometimes, in her personal world, with a friend, relative or, on occasion with a client, when there is nothing left to say, my friend just “lets them sit in it.”

It’s really quite amazing how this works. Sometimes the silence achieves miracles no words ever could. In the gift of silence, all the person has is their own words echoing back. ECHOING… Echoing… echoing…  Therein often lies the answer… for themselves.

Sounds too easy, doesn’t it? Having employed the technique a multitude of times since learning it, I have witnessed it in motion. It is miraculous. My friends and I use silence frequently. It is comforting. We know the other loves us and is simply thinking, pondering and may or may not answer. But either way, we know we are loved and valued.

Which leads me to another thought, the very opposite of silence. Have you ever tried to watch a movie with a chatterbox by your side? Now there is a time when silence could well avert a war (smiles).

Recently, a friend wanted me to see a movie she was excited about and thought I would enjoy. Approximately 15 minutes in, my thoughts turned to other things, tuning out both the movie and her continuous explanations, narrations of the movie. Afterward, when she asked if I liked it, I said, “Truth?”

She said, “Yes, of course.”

“Well,” I said, “at the risk of hurting your feelings, I didn’t see it because someone chattered all the way through and I couldn’t get into the story at all.”

“Oh, no! I need to shut up! Just tell me to shut up!” she said.

We laughed and it was a learning experience for both of us. I learned that she can chatter incessantly and must be reigned in periodically, she learned that I will always tell her the truth.

Sometimes, in silence, lies truth. It says everything with nary a single word uttered.

Other times in silence lies peace. A quiet, nothingness that permits us to simply be without external interruption.

Not everyone can handle this type of introspective silence. They need constant distraction whether it be radio, TV, other people, video games, whatever it takes to occupy the neurons and keep them from quieting.

If I go too long without silence, I cannot handle anything. It feels as though something is pulling on me, nagging at me and not letting me be just be. In just a few moments of utter quiet, I find my way back to my centre, feel grounded and can move forward in the sure-footedness of peace.

The sensation is akin to sitting by a shore or  in a wooded area. Sure, the sounds of nature are there but the sense of peace is also there. Going to connect to with some of mine right now.

Peace out for now, folks. Have a terrific, peaceful day, everyone, with a little bit of silence thrown in just to see if it changes anything up for you. Smiles.

First published: (c) Janni Styles April 14 2011 @ 14:09