Summer Done

In every swoon

there is a quiver

love of seasons

always differ

Too hot to cook

too hot to even cry

thoughts of icicles

and crispened leaves on the fly

How fast those long

cold nights close

How swiftly missed is

that first blooming rose

Doors undone, blow open

Oh Foxglove, sing your song!

Winter is afoot!

we don’t have very long

(c) Janni Styles



The Rose Series: Nowhere

They always travel


in the darkest

of night

to steal

her pink roses

Leaving their

black blood

on her soldier thorns

They never remember

what she knows:

There are no ghosts

in daylight

Only a trail of

velvety petals



(c) Janni Styles

The Dark Hand

A life of dark cycles

Re – repeated

Indulgence wins

Good sense unseated

Cries out  for help

All answered kindly

Yet ill choices made

Consequence never timely

No turning back clocks

No re-walking sly walks

Still the narcissist

Talks, talks, and talks

I’m Gonna’ I’m gonna’ gonna’

Theme of his whole life

Near six long decades proof

Not including many decade’s wife

No pity for his bad choices

And do not ever tell her

She does not understand

Many decades lost to ill choice

Of one most determined man

Bound to an ill fate

By his very own hand

(c) Janni Styles