The Rose Series: Paging Petals

velvety leaves fall

their veins bear lines of stories

so much truth to tell

(c) Janni Styles


The Rose Series: Light Blooms

Oh Primroses! Oh Primroses!

Breaking winter’s back

Hardened earth will not stay you

Nor the brilliance you pack

One beacon of perfection

One harbinger of spring

Your gentle hearted openings

Of which the angels sing

Cold hoary frosts forgotten

Growing joyful by osmosis

Burdens fall from velvet shoulders

OhPrimroses! Oh Primroses!

(c) Janni Styles





Mom Number Two

you all named me

mom number two

sent me Mother’s day cards

said I taught you right from wrong

said I taught you to read

and how to tell time

yet you ridicule



abuse me

then blame me


your ill choices


no matter what you say or do

I am ever connected to you

my lessons did not fail

you did

I am your sister

(c) Janni Styles

The Seer

at first

everyone said

she was a witch

crazy in the head

until she read their

futures from

the ashes of their

burned woods

I see it all

she said, the evils

and the good

nobody’s ever

fooled me


oh some think

they do

that never lasts

doesn’t take me long

for you see

I always know



humans are


(c) Janni Styles