Smoking Guns


The Dark Hand

A life of dark cycles

Re – repeated

Indulgence wins

Good sense unseated

Cries out  for help

All answered kindly

Yet ill choices made

Consequence never timely

No turning back clocks

No re-walking sly walks

Still the narcissist

Talks, talks, and talks

I’m Gonna’ I’m gonna’ gonna’

Theme of his whole life

Near six long decades proof

Not including many decade’s wife

No pity for his bad choices

And do not ever tell her

She does not understand

Many decades lost to ill choice

Of one most determined man

Bound to an ill fate

By his very own hand

(c) Janni Styles


Internet Manners, Are They Extinct?

1. If a social media page is private, respect that page as you would the home of that person. Going off about something, telling the person off or any other rude behavior can be saved for the multitudes of public pages and places out there. If you must have “your say” do it on your own page, rather, in your own “home.”

2. Jumping all over a person or their page changes nothing. NOTHING. Other than the fact that you have just wasted an unretrievable amount of time and keystrokes of your own precious life minutes.

3. If you cannot be nice, be silent. Scroll on past or, again, if you must “dump” just “dump” on your own page/home.

4. It is curious to me why so many like, comment or acknowledge the inane posts that sail by daily, the jokes, the so-called “funnies,” yet a person in dire pain or struggling with multiple challenges in the world is avoided and treated like they have some form of “internet leprosy.” A couple of the same caring hearts show up while the rest go comatose and flatline. Isn’t the point of being human to show support to those in need? And isn’t a person going through a rough patch more deserving of a “like” than a cartoon? Well, I thought so but am seeing the internet can be a very cold and cruel place when people are in physical, emotional or financial trouble. Let’s change this starting right now.

5. Ironies are everywhere on the internet. The same comatose flatliners are the first to pounce on something they dislike with a verbal tirade of arrogance that assumes people will care about what they just “HAD”to say. Human nature is ever a mystery to me, the more I learn and witness it in motion, the more ironies I see.

6. Apologize. If you have been an internet jerk and spewed your unsolicited opinions all over another’s page/home, just apologize. And don’t ever do it again.

7. You are free to say, post, share, criticize, chastise, spew, bleat on your own home page. Just remember to treat other’s private pages/homes as you would in the real world. If you hate the door to door knocking solicitors in the real world, don’t become one on the internet. This is different if someone asks for input. By all means, go for it.  Otherwise restrain yourself at the welcome mat and use your own home/page for any negativity or unsolicited opinions you are burning to share. Too many opinions and not enough respect for our differences is often all I see online anymore which leaves me wanting to just shut it all off or close it all down  and I am sure I am not alone in this.

8. There are a ton of public places and pages online where you can barge in past the welcome mat with your opinions and no one will mind. Private social media home pages are not the place.

I am sure I have missed something here but these are the basics that have been living in my head for the past couple of years. Respect is really what it comes down to. Respect your social media friends private home pages as you would their private homes. If you can’t do that, maybe you shouldn’t even be on social media. Just consider this: it is called “social media” not “anti-social” media for a reason.

Happy “interwebbing!”

Wings of Time

weather changes, leaves fall

birds leave, south calls

time rolls

life tolls

not enough time for it all


minds change, pages turn

books open, the open learn

love matters

hate shatters

all lines are earned


cold enfolds, wisdoms recline

poles held fast, resistance defines

peace eludes

brash denudes

there just isn’t time


spring will warm, sun arrive

for the seekers, those alive

leaving behind

unkind minds

those too frozen to revive


skies move, birds return

mankind repeats, some learn

life blinks

death winks

humans only get one turn


(c) Janni Styles