Summer Done

In every swoon

there is a quiver

love of seasons

always differ

Too hot to cook

too hot to even cry

thoughts of icicles

and crispened leaves on the fly

How fast those long

cold nights close

How swiftly missed is

that first blooming rose

Doors undone, blow open

Oh Foxglove, sing your song!

Winter is afoot!

we don’t have very long

(c) Janni Styles



Ten Rules For Doing No Contact — Ladywithatruck’s Blog

My friend Carrie has a very wise voice on Narcissistic abuse. Especially for those of us who grew up in ill family patterns passed down from previous generations. It is no surprise that most of us will marry the abuser who best matches the abusive triangling, coalition forming, ridiculing, hurtful patterns we grew up with. The best way to stay healthy is “no way!” Meaning no way they can contact us and growing so healthy there is no way they can ever hurt us again. Had to share these great reminders.


family patterns

It seems many people, women in particular; think going no contact is some sort of dating strategy/game. In actual fact it is a safety measure, the only way you will ever heal and should be done for YOU, not to teach him a lesson and prolong the relationship. So many times I get asked, “I […]

via Ten Rules For Doing No Contact — Ladywithatruck’s Blog

The Rose Series: Tarnished

once trust is soundly breached

there is no timely repair

rivers of roses never enough

to get you both back there

once your love is violated

by those possessing fork tongue

no apology will ever suffice

what’s been said is done

please keep your tarnished roses

give them to someone else

I deserve the purest flowers

you never deserved myself

(c) Janni Styles

The Rose Series: Light Blooms

Oh Primroses! Oh Primroses!

Breaking winter’s back

Hardened earth will not stay you

Nor the brilliance you pack

One beacon of perfection

One harbinger of spring

Your gentle hearted openings

Of which the angels sing

Cold hoary frosts forgotten

Growing joyful by osmosis

Burdens fall from velvet shoulders

OhPrimroses! Oh Primroses!

(c) Janni Styles