The Rose Series: Paging Petals

velvety leaves fall

their veins bear lines of stories

so much truth to tell

(c) Janni Styles


The Rose Series: Tarnished

once trust is soundly breached

there is no timely repair

rivers of roses never enough

to get you both back there

once your love is violated

by those possessing fork tongue

no apology will ever suffice

what’s been said is done

please keep your tarnished roses

give them to someone else

I deserve the purest flowers

you never deserved myself

(c) Janni Styles

The Rose Series: Light Blooms

Oh Primroses! Oh Primroses!

Breaking winter’s back

Hardened earth will not stay you

Nor the brilliance you pack

One beacon of perfection

One harbinger of spring

Your gentle hearted openings

Of which the angels sing

Cold hoary frosts forgotten

Growing joyful by osmosis

Burdens fall from velvet shoulders

OhPrimroses! Oh Primroses!

(c) Janni Styles





Knowing Gold

Fast food


born of

lightning technology

Instant gratification

the ruler

deception time and again

the schooler

Dating sites


someone shiny new

to contemplate

Drive through people

with sling yer hook


Always more

counterfeit people

with another yank

on the psyche:

“maybe this one will be better”

Never stopping

or slowing down

long enough

to think

maybe it won’t

(c) Janni Styles