in the midnights

of my mind

when the sun

turns her back on earth

I wonder

how many stars would shine

if they

only knew their worth

(c) Janni Styles


The Rose Series: Seven Sisters

Witness those grown humans

Rosie said to her six sisters

they sure are prickly posies

and they don’t even have

any thorns

Every year the same nonsense

talking to this one

or not speaking to that

maligning sister or brother

behind their kindly backs

Mother Superior of Roses

please halt those double talkers

who hold nothing in abeyance

full mean estates exposed

by fork tongued surly word hawkers

Fifty years on

we’ve bloomed every single spring

faithful, loving and true

just to witness all this sniping

they almost unconsciously do

Being human is oft over rated

I fear, so glad am I to be a rose

so many human faces splinter

leaving loyal blossoms heavy

heartened by a hastening winter

(c) Janni Styles

Knowing Gold

Fast food


born of

lightning technology

Instant gratification

the ruler

deception time and again

the schooler

Dating sites


someone shiny new

to contemplate

Drive through people

with sling yer hook


Always more

counterfeit people

with another yank

on the psyche:

“maybe this one will be better”

Never stopping

or slowing down

long enough

to think

maybe it won’t

(c) Janni Styles