Kindness Karma

you’ve only to sit back

watch the heartless get what they deserve

karma goes direct

it does not swerve

doing nothing is the same

as being actively unkind

“nothing” karma always returns

when something is needed down the line

so let the bitter hearted do whatever they do

don’t get mixed up in karma not meant for you

if they ignore the hurting

instead of being kind

they’ll never truly know

genuine connection of humankind

queen karma always visits

though she may be  somewhat tardy

wherever there was cruelty

she returns to strike the hardy

withholding love or kindness

a sorrowful legacy to impart

kindness always leaves the kind

a very peaceful heart

better to be kind whenever we can

a kindness insurance for the soul

in living a life of grace

love shining out the everlasting goal

(c) Janni Styles



Rose Series: Petals

one lonely rosebud for blog
wings flutter petals
rose says bird I cannot sing
I only flower

(c) Janni Styles

Sister Rose

wings flutter petals
rose says bird teach me to sing
flower all I am

(c) Janni Styles

sing fluttery leaves
you know the song now flower
I am but a bird

(c) Janni Styles


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