Clean Laundry

taking in the sheets today the fresh air held me fast

I was in kitchens of my childood my mother standing there

her cold reddenened hands at work hanging and folding

our laundry from the line in cold Ontario air


for just a few minutes tonight I forgot where I was

pressing my face into fresh washed sheets

all I could think of was my mother

and precious fresh sheets sleeps


as I unraveled the tangled laundry

and hung the damp bedding up to dry

I had a little visit with my mother

and did my best not to cry


(it didn’t work)

(c) Janni Styles


Soul Murmurings

"Daisy chains of time... were they meant to be broken... or were they meant to hold us together, strong and united... never alone... fastly bound by mutual agreement... forever friends."

There is a humming
Deep within my soul
That resists my name
Of old
There is a grassy
Blanket smell of dank
Cancelling out
The cold
Against my back
The earth revolves
And I exist
I’m told
Cloud Angels gather
Tending, then fleeing
Swift glitterings
Of gold
Centered daisies wee
At grassy forest intervals
Never far
Never alone
My friend weaves sweet
Of these, a fairy coronet
To encircle the mane
Of one
I know these crowns well
Brown leaves cling to my hair
Reminders of my sojourns’
Song unsung
Yesterday the tune was joy
On lyrical journeys afar
Yet my gown is ever-pressed between
Two stone
Grains of here and now
The home I long for, still
While drops times turning orb
Of sun.
© June 5 2011