trees, birds, sea, wind, song

love lives in these little things

right there all along

(c) Janni Styles


The Rose Series: Photosynthesis

Oh look there they are again!

said sister Pink to sister Yellow

They are just so good together,

she fair struck gold with that fine fellow!

Yellow rose paused, then slowly uttered

Well…if it breaks I shan’t be surprised,

his secrets are all there right between them,

you can see them twinkling in his eyes.

(c) Janni Styles

Summer Done

In every swoon

there is a quiver

love of seasons

always differ

Too hot to cook

too hot to even cry

thoughts of icicles

and crispened leaves on the fly

How fast those long

cold nights close

How swiftly missed is

that first blooming rose

Doors undone, blow open

Oh Foxglove, sing your song!

Winter is afoot!

we don’t have very long

(c) Janni Styles