Tonight I made a Cup of Tea

Tonight I made a cup of tea

Then called someone dear to me

The time passed swiftly, I listened close

A gentle ear was what she needed most

Life grabs us by the throat with incredible hold

Sometimes listening cures as words are told

The tea grew so cold, no rescue for that cup

But I’m glad my two ears lifted someone up

Tomorrow night I might make another cup of tea

And then make another call to another dear to me

(c) Janni Styles

Love Enough or Love Undone?

When people say “this”

and then “that” they go do

how do we know if they

really mean “I love you?”


Will one morn the words become

“I didn’t really mean that either?”

and wobble you to the core

do you stay for more “word skiver?”


Do you run for the hills

or stay for more?

Do you chance taking a chance on

making your own heart more sore?


Unwelcome jolts or unkind events

people no longer who you would often defend

do you start again, how do you mend the rents?

or do you sit contemplating on the fence?


If word is so easily broken

it could happen to me too

nothing is certain, everything can upend

in just a second or two.


One foot ahead of the other I go

trying to find balance in undeserved change

walking ’til I find my peaceful heart again

Now that my love has been rearranged.

(C) Janni Styles

Soul Murmurings

"Daisy chains of time... were they meant to be broken... or were they meant to hold us together, strong and united... never alone... fastly bound by mutual agreement... forever friends."

There is a humming
Deep within my soul
That resists my name
Of old
There is a grassy
Blanket smell of dank
Cancelling out
The cold
Against my back
The earth revolves
And I exist
I’m told
Cloud Angels gather
Tending, then fleeing
Swift glitterings
Of gold
Centered daisies wee
At grassy forest intervals
Never far
Never alone
My friend weaves sweet
Of these, a fairy coronet
To encircle the mane
Of one
I know these crowns well
Brown leaves cling to my hair
Reminders of my sojourns’
Song unsung
Yesterday the tune was joy
On lyrical journeys afar
Yet my gown is ever-pressed between
Two stone
Grains of here and now
The home I long for, still
While drops times turning orb
Of sun.
© June 5 2011