The Rose Series: Rose Froze

seven sisters bloomed

mother’s pride til they would not

grow past their thorns

(C) Janni Styles



Isn't this amazing rose a perfect lipstick shade? (photo compliments of Jim Miller (c) 2011) "Flushed lips indicate sexual arousal, which is why lipstick, and other lip colorings, remain popular to this day." For more on the history of lipstick, see:

It was during my second viewing of the Vagina Monologues production that I was struck by how much I had missed or forgotten since the first time I had attended several years prior.

While the perfectly delivered balance of comedy and drama were maintained onstage in the monologues, I was reminded of the strong sense of unity we all share through our laughter, tears and discoveries about ourselves not just as women but as people.

Some aspects of the production may make some feel uncomfortable and they should.

Given only three rehearsals, the miracle of all of the actors and producers pulling the show together reflects the greater purpose of working to stop violence against women and girls through respect and valuing everything it is to be female.

The first time I attended the Vagina Monologues was with a sister, her husband, his elderly aunt and my own husband.

Sure, we laughed a lot but we were all moved long after the show and discussed issues we’d never before included in our conversations.

Yes, the Vagina Monologues got us sisters and brothers all talking together.

Some may be offended by the content of some of the language and that would be a shame as it may well prevent them from seeing beyond, to the deeper, greater value in the messages delivered.

Having worked with many victims of violence, about 99 percent of those female, I am aware how easy it is to become numbed to the shocking, violent events occurring to humans in our world on a daily basis in reality, in games and on television.

This production proves rather mild by comparison.

To quote my twenty-something niece who attended with me on the second occasion: “Without presenting it in the framework of humor, the messages might have missed their mark but, instead, they were somehow more poignant.”

What I came away with both times after seeing the Vagina Monologues was an awakened appreciation of my own womanhood as well as a deeper bond to all my sisters around the globe.

We laughed together, we wept together and we were united in all it means to be our sexual selves, respect our femininity and our sacred gift of being a woman.

And we still are.

Am I going to see the production a third time? You bet.

© 2009